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 Pattaya Blue Water Sailing Club:
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The Pattaya Blue Water Sailing Club was created to give the residents of the area the ability through a joint effort to enjoy sailing opportunities throughout Thailand. It welcomes not only residents but sailing enthusiasts who while visiting the area would like an opportunity to see Thailand’s offshore islands through a sailing venue.

Every effort will be made to locate sailing yacht owners in Pattaya and other areas of Thailand who wish to share their yacht with others who are willing to crew.

Whenever and wherever possible the club through a joint effort of members will rent sailing yachts with/without captain for day sailing and multi-day sailing vacations.

As the club develops, links will be added to enhance the sailing opportunities of the members. The club will have a membership roster so that all members will have the ability to organize their own sailing venues separate from whatever the club organizes. The club will make efforts to build relationships will other sailing interests in the area.

 Once A Month Club Meetings: Mailing List E Mail

Once a month in the sailing season November through May , the club will have dinner meeting to invite new members and to discuss and promote club activities. We will also do PR and advertise in local media.

southeastasia-tours koh sak
Koh Sak-Koh Pai-Koh Rin Daysails

 Sailing Vacations: Mailing List E Mail

The club will do it’s sailing vacations through Southeast Asia Tours, an American company who’s director spends 7 months each year in Thailand and has an intimate knowledge of sailing in the area. Several times during the year the club will promote day-sailing in Pattaya and multi-day sailing tours in the Bay of Siam and Andaman Sea Charter Areas

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Koh Chang Archipelago

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